Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!
Forget Columbus. (Forget Bartolomé, another European colonizer the Oatmeal has been making quite popular.) Solidarity in the struggle for decolonization!

The “why are you interested in working at this company” question is one I particularly loathe, you’re meant to talk about how attractive a company it is… it’s like, ‘let’s just pretend that you could have had a job literally anywhere, and out of all those options you chose this place specifically, for some reason personal to you. Please invent such a reason and convincingly “sell” it to us, because we love listening to your fawning, humiliating lies, even though everyone in the room is completely aware that it’s bullshit and that’s not how looking for a job works.’


They say whoever smelt it dealt it so technically this weed is yours officer

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Not afraid to speak on important things
The difference between her and Iggy

#why are we still even comparing her to iggy it’s like comparing a Ferrari to a razor scooter (x)




what happened to old zealand

what about old jersey

dont forget old york

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